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Charts///We Got It Good///Eggy 32 (Eggy 011111)

The music blared from his room down the hall where his clock read 10:43 pm. It had only taken about two minutes to bathe himself, but the shower of almost scolding hot water compelled him to prolong his stay almost half an hour.  Winter’s cruel breath crept through the cravasses that riddled the lining of the windows and doors to his poorly maintained townhouse.  ”If I had your refrain, I’d sing it again and again…” echoed the man in the speaker down the hall and into the bathroom.  His roommates had already departed for drinks at Avalon an hour or so prior to his shower.  He dreaded removing himself from the womb he had concocted, but he’d be without beverage and without chatter if he didn’t move quickly.  In Virginia, your night reaches an anticlimactic end pretty early if you wait around till midnight to do anything about it.  ”Dumb Dadadum…” cried the man in the speaker.  He exited the warm embrace of the shower, steaming, and took his first step out onto the cold tile.  Shivering, he searched for a towel.  ”I’m such an idiot,” he murmured to himself in realizing the towel he was looking for lie on his bed in the room down the hall where the man in the speaker trailed “again…”  He glanced toward a wash cloth draped over the edge of the sink, an area of the sink not affected by dried toothpaste and what he hoped were just beard trimmings.  The thought of drying his whole body with a four inch by four inch piece of cotton most certainly crossed his mind.  ”Not efficient, but immediate,” he thought for a good five seconds.  No, no.  He was a big boy, and the big boy thing to do was… Dripping wet, teeth clenched, naked, shivering and in full stride, he jetted toward his bedroom leaving wet footprints in his path down the hall where the man in the speaker had ceased his woeful wail.   

Charts' debut split cassette with fellow Portlanders Besties is out now on Eggy

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