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Interview|||Mikey Collins of Culture Dealer and Run DMT

Selection: “Eternal Dosez”

Kirby Michael Adams Collins, Dm.T, strikes again with a democratic compilation that will have your creative juices starving to be sampled.  For the people, of the people, and by the people is his game on One Hit Wonders; a compilation of submitted song poems parleyed into glistening gems by studio misfits The Doobie Sisters Family Band.  

In addition to a promo featuring samples of Culture Dealer’s take on the desultory poetry of people like you and, literally, me, scope an interview with Dm. T about the project prior to its release, below.  

Check the Altered Zones submission by yours truly, above.  

What interested you in creating a song-poem series?  How long has this concept been on your mind?

Specifically, the song poem idea has been in my head since I watched the film Off the Charts: The Song Poem Story.  I guess that’s been a year or two.  The greater concept of using a musical stage to offer some sort of interactive service where you can collaborate has been in the forefront of my plans for many years.  I hate the idea of how many writers, musicians, artists, poets, filmmakers, etc. remain inactive because of self-consciousness, personal strife or lack of inspiration. 

That’s just the whole idea for me.  Before I really found my voice creatively, I was lucky to have a number of truly supportive close friends and collaborators, and my path now is to simply express myself and fuel the fire of others who might need an invitation to do so.

Why cassettes as opposed to vinyl, or just a simple digital format?

Well, I’m just starting out obviously with having a label, so as I plan on doing vinyl in the future, I’m not rushing that now.  I just love cassettes; they are physical, you have to sit with them, and the fidelity is incredible. 

Also, though, for the song poems, I love the idea of a split cassingle for the copy you receive.  It’s so cool that each song submitted is getting a copy back with another strangers song.  There will be a chance for those people to correspond because each of those parties will be the only one’s with each other’s song.

How long do you plan on accepting submissions?  When do you plan on releasing the One Hitter Wonders comp(s)? 

I’m gonna turn it off soon, until all of them are sent, then probably do a second round.  One Hitter Wonders will probably come out before this summer. 

How did you get up with The Doobie Sisters Family Band? 

The Doobie Sisters [Family Band] is myself, Sasha Winn, and a range of session musicians that change day-to-day.  Frequent members include Alex Deranian, Edwin White, Sam Shea, Renee clark, and others.  Essentially, it’s a brain trust, but The Doobie Sisters also have original songs that we’re all really exicted about.  Those songs will appear on a Doobie Sisters full album called The Wizards of Ahhh’s.

How are you and The Doob Sis’s interpreting the poetry?  Are there strategies in interpreting these, or is it spontaneous?

We have a slightly different crew every song usually, so it’s all reading the lyrics, jamming for a bit, then someone will step up and shine some idea, and we’ll just all support it.  I like that energy.  The level of collaboration here is a dream for me, from the person who wrote the poem, to the muse they write about, to the newest member of The Doobie Sisters, to the music were pulling from.

Buy One Hitter Wonders here.  Get busy, the world is awaiting your slime. 

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