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Monster Rally///Land Ho-Masasu///Coral (Gold Robot 11.01.11)

—I’m thinking we go with a Hawaiian trip-hop, underground luau theme.

—What, what even is that?

—You know, Charlie’s been hanging around with this guy Duncan from under the bridge, and he runs with this rough crowd, and they’re all into this Hawaiian underground shit, you know?

In the vein of Panda Bear's Person Pitch, El Guincho's Alegranza and Vamp Week's African flare, Monster Rally brings us his fourth effort and first LP, Coral.  Coral partners instrumentals—if you want to call them instrumentals—from EP, Palm Reader EP, and Color Sky 7” with new ditties to boot.  I hesitate on calling all of the tracks here instrumentals due to their short nature devoid of divergence from their looped inception.  

Take for instance “Land Ho-Masasu”.  The first half “Land Ho” has the semblance of a gritty lo-fi stoned hip-hop track—dude loves MF Doom—which acts a calm before the biggest payoff of the album: the loop that is “Masasu” taken from Color Sky.  Profound and emotionally draining, the transition to this track played at the proper decibel has the ability to evaporate welling tears as it melts your face off.  The loop, though, is consistent in its structure throughout only departing from the original break with the fadeout of its Hawaiian delirium.

Coral acts as a sonic resume for MR, and weird Bermuda Triangle luau music for us.  I hope the arousing positive attention from Coral bates remixers, sample crazed club-jockeys and VOCALISTS because this album breathes potential.  Purchase the limited sea foam green vinyl of Coral here before its release January 11.

MR appears next at The Treehouse///Columbus, OH 08.01.11

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