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Video|||EOLA & Speculator Talk Summer Vacation at Shea Stadium

Selection:  EOLA “The Lights (For Mom)”

In mid-August, I caught up with Edwin M. White (EOLA/Tonstartssbandht) and Nicholas A. Ray (Speculator/Cool Angels) to ask the pressing question: How Did You Spend Your Summer Vacation?  In lieu of a written back-to-school report, White and Ray rehash the summer fun of jumping freight trains, jock itch, moving, dating, and the beach… on camera for your viewing pleasure.  Don’t miss the stories!  Don’t miss the performances!  Once live from Shea Stadium, it’s ‘How I Spent My Summer Vacation with EOLA and Speculator’!

Up top is an unreleased tune by EOLA originally meant for Culture Dealer’s song poem project, One Hitter Wonders, released earlier this year.  While “The Lights (For Mom)” was released on the song poem compilation — as a, for real, breathtaking minimal take on neo R&B — White’s original version will give you an idea as to what he’s tinkering with in the studio and how Mikey Collins (of Culture Dealer and Run DMT) translated the poetry of the people into the analog tracks of the comp.

Featured live tracks:

EOLA “Untitled (Future Hymn)” unreleased

Speculator “Pure Ecstasy” Lifestyle (Leaving Records ‘10)

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